Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Mum 9/12/07

Thanks for your email,

I came home tody for a couple of hours, so I checked my email at yahoo. Can you use the email at optusnet (the one I am using now) next time as that one is so much easier for me to open and stuff. Thanks.

Thomas has had a bit of Diarrhoea so he has had his feed stopped and just fluid for a while to see if that stops it. He is being given anti biotics still for the infection that they cant work out where it's located.
His IV line broke down yesterday and then his new one broke down today so he is probably going to have a surgical line put in because he needs that IV line. He has not got easy veins to pick up.
He looks good even though he has these fevers that come for a couple of hours and go again.
I still havent heard the results from the Echo that was done last week. He was awake for ages last night and Dean and I got to hold him for over an hour. He just looks around and has a bit of a chew on his Replogle tube (thats the suction tube in his mouth).
We went to a BBQ with the people from the Down Syndrome Association and we went to church at Frankston today. It has been a good day and I am enjoying the peacefulness of home. I dont really want to go back but I will soon.
We have to come back tomorrow as I have an appointment at the Gynaecologist. Rowan is going to drop in to his class at school. He starts swimming at North Melbourne tomorrow morning.
Dean took a truck to Sunshine on Friday for Malcolm but it wasnt ready to take back yet. It might be done by the time we have to go tomorrow or he might have to catch the train back another day to get it. The kitchen is halfway in.
I am taking photos to post on the website.
I hope you are finding the website good.
Hope to see you this week.

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