Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prophetic Vision from a Man (Fully Grown now) who also had Osophageal Atresia at Birth 15/02/07

Hi Julie,
It's great to hear that Thomas is doing well. God is very good!
I just wanted to let you know that I saw a very interesting vision on Tuesday night, which I think was the night after Thomas had his surgery. I wrote it all out just after I saw it...
Tues 12/2/08I was lying in bed imagining a war scape, and hearing the sound of distant fighting. There were burning cities on the horizon and gun shots echoed all around. Long shallow trenches ran like a grid through a wide open plain which had become a wasteland of mud and dirt.
It was not safe to come up out of the trenches, because the enemy could be anywhere. All of a sudden I saw a little baby crawling about above the trenches and I realised it was Thomas.
Immediately a huge angel swooped down from heaven and carried Thomas up into the air. I heard God say "I'm bringing Thomas out of there now" (or something very similar). As the angel rose up into heaven I saw that it wrapped Thomas in two wings and flew with another two. I thought the angel was probably a seraphim but I don’t know. It was very tall and athletic with great white wings. Rising through the clouds above I saw a throne and the angel took Thomas to Jesus, the King of Kings who was seated on the throne and I knew that he was letting Thomas see many things from His throne as if it were from the top of a mountain.
It was a privilege especially for him, because Daddy just wanted to show this to him so much, but God also had a plan in doing this. God’s presence on the throne was like a cloud with much light shining out of it and in many colours. When Thomas looked out from the throne he looked through this misty haze of God’s presence and saw all things as God sees them. He understood secrets that are hidden to many others (because they see only what natural light shows them).
Then I saw an altar before the throne, made out of pure white stone and I knew that Thomas was to be a priest before the Lord. Then I saw spreading out from the altar, an auditorium filled with rows of seats made out of the same white stone. I knew that Thomas would not only be a priest before God but also before men.
The last thing I saw was a great library filled with shelves and shelves of books. The books were never too high to reach and the library spread out to fill a very large room located below the auditorium with the altar and the seats.
I think the shelves were made of that same white stone here too. I knew that the citizens of Heaven were given free access to this library and all that was in it. I felt that this library would be significant for Thomas and that he would also have free access to it.
That is as much as I could remember, so I hope it encourages you guys and Thomas!
Peace & Love to the whole family
Tim Ninnis

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