Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thomas' Surgery is on Hold 29/01/08

Hello Everyone,
Thomas is not going to have his Oesophagus repaired today. The Surgeons didn't want to repair Thomas' Oesophagus today because he has developed another chest infection. I found out about the chest infection after I sent the email yesterday. The Family Resource room with the computers that I use to send emails was closed yesterday so I couldn't get back online to let you all know. (Yesterday morning I sent the email from a computer at Ronald McDonald House, it is owned by one of the parents who has a remote broadband connection.)
He is in Surgery now though. After the Broviac line broke down over the weekend it has become urgent that Thomas gets a new one. That's what is happening today, so that Thomas has a reliable central line for the drugs that he needs. Its used for infection control (antibiotics). To put in the new Broviac, Thomas only has to be in a light sleep. The surgeon who came to get Thomas said that he will be back in about 1 hour. That is about 11.15am.
Thomas has a all of his regular medicine straight into his stomach via his feed line (called a Peg).
Thank you to everyone who has held us in prayer, thanks for the support and encouragement. We really appreciate it. Thanks for all the replies that I received yesterday too.
All our love to all of you
Julie, Dean, Rowan and Thomas
I have attached the pictures that I intended the other day.
The internet is updated too.

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