Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thomas' New Year 1//1/08

I took this picture last night at about 11.30pm. Its proof that Thomas did get some sleep. Maybe the flash woke him up and its all my fault. His tshirt says "I love my daddy... ....my daddy loves me"

Hello Everyone

Happy New year to you all. I hope you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year and, like us are looking forward to a prosperous 2008.

Rowan and Jamie (Rowans friend) and I went to the Melbourne Observation Deck (Rialto 360deg Skydeck) for a New Year celebration. Courtesy of Ronald McDonald, it was free food and drinks from 6.30 to 10pm. We were able to view the 9.15 fireworks display from 55 floors up. We were a lot higher than the fireworks. It was blowing a gale up there and it was really hot. It was a good New Years Eve to stay indoors. We had the most magnificent view over the city from day through to night. It was a great sunset too. There were Balloon Artists and a Magician with a dove and free pinball games too. We all had lots of fun and were home by 10.30pm.

Thankyou to everyone who has replied to my emails. I am sometimes able to reply but please don't be offended if I can't get back to you. I have limited computer time.

Thomas is going really well, he is looking really healthy and happy. He is awake a lot, in fact his Nurse said he stayed awake all night last night. Consequently he has slept through nappy changes and things today. We bought his little rocking seat into the hospital, he can have it in his bed when he is awake, he sits up in it. He has a whole new view of the world from there. He can see the toys we have put on his bed, its easier for him to see us, and he pays more attention to people now. We even get the occasional smile. A lot of this is because he is not dosed up on Morphine anymore, he is also a lot older, 76 days old today! It is really good after so many days of being so sick that he couldn't move.

The weaning of Thomas's morphine is at 0.08 which is only 8% of the dose he had 5weeks ago. Thomas is going to have a trachy change in the morning, the nursing staff are not taking chances that it will go smoothly. Even though the most recent study showed that he no longer has floppy airways. As of tonight there are no more antibiotics for the Meningitis, Thomas will have a lumbar puncture tomorrow to check that the Menningitis is gone.

Rowan is going to stay with Mum in Corowa tomorrow, for a week. I don't know who will enjoy that more, him or me!

Bye for now,

Lots of love from all of us to all of you

Julie, Dean, Rowan and Thomas.

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