Arty things

A drawing I did for my friend, click on it to see the whole image.

I did this drawing did as an expression of the rituals I employ to mark Thomas' death.
it is on still life 365 as part of a community project.
Click on it to see the whole image.

My Grief Sudoku

I have made a grief sudoku, it doesn't add up, it is impossible to solve, the usual rules do not apply.

The number all originate from the outgoing decade, I have mixed feelings about this last 10 years. I am glad to see it go, because of the pain it contains, but it also hosts so many precious memories.

Like the 135 days of Thomas' life and that he was my 4th son.

And the sadder ones like 2008 when grief became part of me.

There are triumphant ones like the 27 kilos I lost.

And happier ones like the 3 dogs that keep me from sliding over the edge some days.

Welcome to the 201st decade.

This sketch was done by a Portrait Artist her name is Meredith Forster

From Carly at  "To Write Their names in the Sand"