Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Re; News from Thomas 18/01/08

Hello Josephine,

Thanks for your message. We have good news, The Pneumonia has cleared, his chest X-ray shows no shadow on his lung anymore.
And, the Surgeon has returned from leave so we are now booked to have Thomas's Oesaphagus repaired on the 29th Jan. The booking of course depends on emergencies and whether they can fit him in but that is the plan.
We are still trying to work out how to manage his airways. He needs to have air under pressure but we are trying out a cycle where he has 1 hour off CPAP and 3 hours on. The idea is that he will get more and more used to not having the air under pressure and he will be able to go without it soon.
Also the doctors have realised that he is not growing so they have started fortifing his feeds. The frozen breastmilk will have run out after the weekend, I don't know what I am going to do then. I am not making enough milk to feed him. He is also being weaned off continuous feeds to bolus feeds to teach his digestive system to cope with a whole meal at once, of course it will be done very slowly.

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