Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Re: More About Thomas 14/12/07

Hi Josephine,
Thanks for your reply.
Glad to hear that you and maybe Janine will be coming into the hospital next week. Thomas did have a rough week, he has his Broviac line now, he came back from Theatre at about 6pm last night. He is looking very clean and comfortable this morning. Last night when I saw him he was still covered in Betadine and still had some blood. I am not good with the blood and dressings make me squirm.
I spoke to Dad last night but the phone cut out and he didn't ring back. If I buy a phone card I will be able to call out from my room. I am on the go constantly though and the mobile is really the best because I can answer wherever I am. Its a shame its so expensive.
I don't think that I need anything in particular. There is always the very heavy items that I hate having to lug home on the tram though; longlife milk, fruit & vegetables etc. Its a shame that those things are ones that need replacing the most. I will make a list when I know what day you are coming.
Bye for now, Julie

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