Emails From the Hospital

While we were staying at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne, I sent emails to people that knew us, here are the links to those emails. If you follow them in order you will be work your way through our story of Thomas' life and death.

Starting at the first one, this is how I have titled the emails. Just click on the title and the post will come up.

Pictures of Thomas
Thomas Update
About Thomas
Thomas Brodie Cozens
To Mum
From Thomas' Mum
Thomas' New Year
More About Thomas
News from Thomas
Copy of email I sent to Jo
Thomas' surgery is tomorrow
Thomas' Surgery is on Hold
No Surgery at all Today
Re: No Surgery at all Today
Thomas had surgery yesterday
Thomas Turned 4 months old
Prophetic Vision from a Man who....
Thomas Today
Thomas' last day
Re: Thomas' Last Day
Thanksgiving for Thomas