Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Copy of email I sent to Josephine 25/01/08

Hi Mum,
Further to the email that I sent Josephine (see below). I have been at the Family Court the last 2 days in a row and I now have a hearing listed for Thursday 31st January. I am making an application for the Federal Police to retrieve Rowan, unless he is returned before then.
He has taken Rowan to Queensland for a holiday, he has not taken his wife with them, she told his solicitor that they will be back on Sunday. It worries me to hear that he has taken Rowan to Queensland as I know that he has a brother living in Maroochydore and I worry that he will take him there to keep Rowan away from me.
A Duty Solicitor at the Family Court called his Solicitor this morning and informed him of my intention to file for a hearing. The solicitor tried to contact him and advise him but he was not answering his Mobile Phone. I have faxed the court documents to him this afternoon. This is very stressful.
Thomas is having a bad day today. He woke up because he was de-saturating and he was very upset. They weren't able to calm him and he had a fairly major event and he had to have sedation. he then had a temperature for about an hour and a half. his pulse was racing too. They took a chest x-ray and swabs of his trachy, and samples of his secretions to see if they could find any bugs. he is cool now and his Pulse is restful and his breathing is calm too. He is even a bit cool. It was scary for a while and I only arrived about half an hour after it started. He was so hot, I stripped his clothes off and took away extra blankets and put a cool cloth on his forehead. I know they are only simple things but I couldn't understand why the nurse hadn't already done that. I suppose she was busy with suction and extra oxygen etc etc.
Anyway it has been a stressy day and I have just about had as much stress as I can take. Good part was that Betty came to visit and she got to have a cuddle of Thomas before all that happened. I hope that he doesn't have any sickness because that will delay surgery.
Sorry I sound not very friendly.
See you soon,

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