Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Season, Reason, Purpose.

One day at the beginning of time, God created many many people. He created so many people that they all couldn't live on earth at the same time together. It would be too squashy for them. God solved that problem. He gave every person their own time to live. After the people had their time on earth they could go back and live with God (if they wanted to). God has a really big house and everyone who wants to live there is welcome.

One baby was ready to have his time on earth. His name is Thomas.

God created little Thomas with a particular family in mind, they lived in Australia. Thomas was perfect for this family, he fitted right in. The family already had lots of love for him and they bought him a bed and a pram and nappies, and made a place for him in their house. The family had spent a lot of time planning all the places they would take him and all the things they would teach him. They were very excited to have him in their family and they waited and waited for him to come.

When Thomas was born his family were so happy to meet him.

Thomas was a bit different to some of the other babies that were born that day. Remember though, Thomas was made by God to fit right into his family.

Thomas only had a little while to stay with his family. The family didn't know that right away. Only God knows the number of days that we have on earth.

Thomas knew that his daddy and mummy needed him to bring them closer, he knew that his brother needed someone to cuddle and protect, he knew that his Grandma needed to understand that different is alright, his Auntie needed to know that babies are very special people no matter how small they are and his Grandpa needed to know that now is the best time to say I love you.

Thomas' grandma made him a blanket, his Auntie took his picture, his uncle bought him a bear and his brother did a drawing. Everyone, especially his mummy and daddy and brother loved Thomas.

After Thomas did everything that he needed to do, after he changed so many people, he was ready to go and live in Gods house.

He really loved his mummy and daddy and his brother. He was so happy to have met them. He didn't want to make anyone sad. He just knew that it was time to go back to Gods house.

Gods house is a happy place. Thomas knew he would have lots of fun there. He would be able to do lots of things that babies definitely don't do here. He would fly a plane and swim in the sea, and he would never be sad or have a hurt there.

Thomas was really glad that his family loved him and let him show his purpose to them. When Thomas went home to Gods house, he hoped his family would remember his purpose.

He knew that they loved him and they would miss him because they told him over and over.

Thomas knew that if his family remembered his purpose when they were missing him, they would remember that being closer and having more cuddles, looking out for each other, helping the special and different shine out of each other and taking the time to say I love you, is so very important. These are the very things that would help Thomas' family the most when they are missing him.

Thomas came for a season for a reason and with a purpose. God gave such an important and special purpose to Thomas even though he was a baby. God sent a beautiful special baby to our family so we would remember, we all have a purpose too.


  1. Beautiful...I found you Under the Tree. I am a very late joiner...not even added to the list yet. But, I have a Thomas in heaven, too. So I was drawn to you. Your site is beautiful...your family is beautiful...your Thomas is beautiful. Praying God's comfort and sufficient grace for every step of your journey...

    In His Grace,
    Kelly Gerken
    Mother to Faith, Grace, and Thomas (and Timothy and James- who walk this earth)
    Founder of Sufficient Grace Ministries

  2. Your writing is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your/Thomas's story with us. That picture of Thomas and all his brothers is precious. Sending you peace.

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us remembered all the time that everyone around us is here for a season, reason & purpose. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, so I better remember to say I love you with hugs and kisses when I go out the door.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. Your precious Thomas has given you a gift that you bless us all with.