Sunday, March 29, 2009

Instead of going to the Cemetary today

I wanted to go to the cemetery today to visit Thomas' grave. We don't visit there very often but when I woke today, I thought I would like to. In all of the days business, we didn't go. 

My son gave the car a cut and polish. It takes quite a while. We are a one car family, it was out of action for almost the whole afternoon. Then it was close to sunset, the cemetery gates are closed at sunset.

This afternoon Dean and I went for a walk instead. We went to the reserve on the top of the hill at the end of our street. There is a lookout tower.
 Its a conservation area, no dogs can go there.
It is a beautiful piece of Aussie bush with locally indigenous Australian flora.
A few of the species are flowering.  

This is Correa

This is Westringia (I think)

This is Banksia

The view from the lookout tower is over our town and across the shore to the waters of Port Phillip. It is the perfect place to sit and reflect.
We had planned to go there at night to watch the sky. We haven't done that yet. It is one of those things that we wouldn't have been able to do with Thomas. He had very high care needs, we would have needed to take oxygen bottles and medical equipment everywhere he went. Going bush would have been dangerous. Even just to the bush at the end of the street.
He paid the highest price for freedom.
What we would give to have him back.

This is the trail we walked on to get to the lookout.

This small area was burnt a couple of months ago. It is already regenerating. There are brand new tiny plants everywhere you look.

This is the trail coning down the hill.
 The reserve surrounds a massive water tank (the big green thing) which sits on top of the hill.
Our family had an addition this week, 
we are now a 1 car 
and 1 motorbike family. 
p.s. It is a very clean and shiny car now, thanks Daniel.


  1. Breathtaking photos!! You live in a beautiful place!!

  2. Thomas is Beautiful. I love the pictures with his eyes open and his sweet hands. Sadly, I know the pain of having those hospital pictures. I used to dream of how I would "look back" and barely remember how hard it was to parent my baby girl in the NICU. I'm so sorry Thomas didn't live. I. too believe Caitlin lives in heaven. Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me here to yours. I'll come back and read more of your earlier posts. I remember too how hard it was to find another baby-loss mommy of a child with DS. Peace.