Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day ATC

Its Valentines day soon, it is next week actually, and I thought I would participate in the art trading card (ATC) swap that Angie is hosting over at still life 365.

I posted it Monday morning which is a bit late I think to get it all the way to the US, but I was just too slow to send it on Friday afternoon. It probably wouldn't have travelled very far over the weekend anyway. I hope it gets to Angie on time for this year or I suppose I will be early for next years swap.

Here is my card. It's the first one I have ever made.

It is really surprisingly very small. I made it with paper, sewing thread and a needle and glass seed beads. It is 3 layers, blue card on the back with a message written in pen, heavy sketch paper, and a fancy paper. The back of the sewing is hidden by the layers.

I enjoyed doing it, I took too long, I was learning as I went which is how I like to do stuff.

Did you receive a valentine card this year, or have you ever done an ATC swap?

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