Monday, February 28, 2011

I Have Nothing

I have Nothing

Nothing new to feel
Grief mows me down
I dodge it sometimes 
Today I didn't try
The Anniversary day

Nothing new to say or blog
It has been said, written
Fading now to forgotteness
Greeting card genuine
Trauma obscured

Nothing new to show
Photographs, movies
No birthday cakes
First steps, smiles, teeth
Baby onesies never outgrown

Nothing new to hear
No laughter no cries,
Nor the sound of his name
His running feet
All quiet in his grave


  1. Thinking of you and Thomas today. xx

    Those last two lines are very powerful. How precious those little feet are.

  2. Your beautiful lovely little Thomas.

    Remembering him with you and sending hugs.

    Grief still mows me down too.


  3. You've said it well. Thinking of you and your little guy.