Friday, December 31, 2010

Exit; A Decade, Tonight

So much stuff happened in this decade, for me. A lot of it was bad stuff. The sort of stuff that makes me want to say, I don't want to remember why I decided,(or didn't) did, chose, refused, hated or loved it kind of stuff.

a wonderful

Especially if you like to beat yourself up and second guess your life decisions.

And sometimes I do, and, I would like to categorically state that I do not like that about myself.

The Y2K bug, it had nothing to do with me but hindsight tells me it was probably the biggest hoax the world has seen. 

I celebrated a few New Years Eves, too many alone, I had some birthdays including a "40", bought cars (only 2) and changed jobs heaps of times. I got married, my eldest sons had their 18th and 21st birthdays and moved out of home. And one came back twice. My 3rd son lives with us at home still (because he is a teenager), he has grown so much in this decade and has had so many life experiences which are all his stories to tell, not mine. He knows too much about death.

I  had many many house guests, some for one or two nights and others for weeks and months. I discovered Jesus and developed my faith. I spent a lot of money on cigarettes and clothes, my weight went up and down so consequently I don't fit into very many items in my current wardrobe.  

I was pregnant and gave birth to Thomas, my 4th son at the age of 43 and buried him at the age of 44. I used to think that 44 was my lucky number, now I think its one of pain. I have grieved heavily, I have battled sickness and depression, I spent quite a bit of time in court for family law. 

My income fluctuated from around 12 thousand one year to over 40 for another one, and I think they were back to back.

It's been a crazy roller coaster kind of yeardecade, life.

I don't know whether to love it or hate it, but I am glad it's over and I can have a fresh start.

The highest point was getting married in 2006, the lowest point was Thomas' death in 2008 or it was a point somewhere in mourning his loss. Actually I think it was the morning after he died, the minute I woke up and remembered he was dead, I just felt so lost at that point, so wracked with grief, it was the lowest point.

So now, a new year comes and the chance for a fresh start. I am going to choose to learn about me this year. I am going to study me and find out why I do stupid things. Well that's the plan.

First I am going on a research assignment, and write down my timeline, look at the places and spaces I have occupied and see if I can find patterns and things. Then I am going to think about the things that have motivated me to behave in certain ways. I am going to see if there is a trigger that I can neutralise and a grown up behavior that I can substitute for behaving badly. I will try and understand what motivates me to manipulate others and learn about my capacity, and in doing that I believe I can recognise the signs that I am overwhelmed and ask for help.

I hope I am successful, because it sounds like a good plan. A step by step plan, which will not go step by step I am sure.

Goodbye 2010 and the 200th decade

Hello 2011, we are at the start of decade number 201 and I hope its going to be an improvement on the last one.

Are you planning an overhaul for our 201st decade?


  1. This is an inspirational post, Julie. Thanks so much for dropping in to my blog again, I didn't realise you were still blogging. It's interesting, you talking about what you are planning to do in 2011... this is going to be a hugely challenging year for me as I begin as a practitioner helping people unravel their own 'riddles' in a similar way to what you describe you are going to do yourself! I'd be honoured to be a sounding board for you if ever you feel you're butting against a brick wall ;) You have my email address? (via my blog) Happy New Decade! xx

  2. That sounds like a good and interesting plan.

    I feel like this is a transitional year for me too, to find out which way to go.